Pro cards up for grabs in Las Vegas

by Allan Donnelly

July 25, 2008


After over three hours and 107 competitors at the men’s bodybuilding prejudging, one thing, at least, is clear: it is going to be a heck of a battle tomorrow night for the two pro cards which will be awarded at the 2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in Las Vegas.

At the top of the list: Curtis Bryant and Brandon Ray in the light heavyweight class; Brandon Curry, Lee Banks and Michael Liberatore in the heavyweights; and Edward Nunn in the super heavies.

Starting with the light heavies, both Bryant and Ray were conditioned. However Bryant, who dropped down to light heavy after competing as a heavyweight last year, was clearly the thicker of the two, particularly from the back.

In the heavies, precontest favorite Curry will be pushed by Banks and Liberatore. Curry, the runner-up at both the 2007 USAs and Nationals, lived up to his precontest hype by displaying the best shape and lines in the heavyweight class. However, both Liberatore and Banks had the slight edge in conditioning. It will likely come down to which of the three holds their conditioning the best for tomorrow night’s finals.

In the super heavyweight class, Edward Nunn rose to the top in a disappointing class as the only precontest favorite in the supers to nail his conditioning.

For a complete breakdown of the USA men’s prejudging from the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly crew Dan Solomon and Bob Chicherillo, check out the FLEX Forums.

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