Greene, Warren, Martinez, for top honors

by Shawn Perine

March 7, 2009


In a stunning turn of events, the man whom some thought might not even make the stage at the 2009 Arnold Classic, Kai Greene, may have the last laugh tonight.

Despite a report following last night’s womens’ finals that he would forgo the contest, the New Yorker did indeed show up, and in eye-popping form. It could be argued that no man in the history of bodybuilding has ever packed more muscle onto his frame than Greene on this day. Although he is shades off his all-time best conditioning, his incredible bulk (he must be in the 270 lb range) overshadowed that of even Branch Warren and Victor Martinez.

Of course a night Finals remains and Branch Warren and Victor Martinez are very much in the hunt for top honors. There’s little question these men, along with Kai, will comprise the winner’s circle at this event as they alone were called out for the morning show’s final posedown.

Branch was clearly in his all-time best condition, and while structurally he may have flaws, masswise and conditioningwise he’s hard to beat.

Victor was not his very best on this occasion. His left thigh showed some of the effects of his knee injury of early ’08 and his conditioning was off from his best showings. Still, a 90% Victor Martinez is good enough to beat most of the rest of the best.

Toney Freeman, peeled but flat, should take fourth tonight and a shredded Silvio Samuel could move into fifth with Moe Elmoussawi slipping into the last Olympia qualification spot.

Tonight’s show should be a barn burner with Vic and Branch working hard to supplant the human mountain known as Kai Greene from his presumed top spot. Be sure to check back right here at for a complete report tonight.

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