IFBB Pro Jose Raymond is now two for two – first winning the 2013 New York Pro then winning the 2013 Toronto Pro 212 and Under Class just a week later.

Initially, Raymond was scheduled to guest pose the same weekend as the 2013 New York Pro. But when he found out he could no longer guest pose, he and Chris Aceto decided Raymond should compete in the New York Pro. They figured since he was so close to being ready for Toronto, why not?

With approval from the IFBB the day prior, Jose Raymond FedEx'd himself up to New York the night before the show, having to squeeze in the last few days of show preparation, including things like spray tan, shaving, carb loading, into a few short hours. Chris Aceto came up with a game plan to dry him out and prepare him for the contest stage. The plan worked and Jose Raymond walked away with a not so easy win, barely taking out the aesthetic Sami Al Haddad.

This season's Jose Raymond is by far the best we've seen of his physique probably ever. Raymond had to take a step back and recuperate from a very long 2012 season in order to come back in 2013 strong enough to take on the likes of Kevin English, Dave Henry and the current 212 Showdown Champ, Flex Lewis.

Raymond has been competing for over twenty years. He states the only way to do what he was able to do for the New York Pro was to rely on his two decades worth of experience, depend on his training coach's eye and be prepared to go mentally where many are afraid to go.

Raymond is a viable threat come the Olympia Weekend. He's gunning for the number one spot!

Congratulations to Mark Dugdale for another incredible showing placing second followed by Raul Carrasco taking third.

Toronto Pro Supershow 2013

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