Mark Dugdale

Mark Dugdale

Mark Dugdale first stepped onto the NPC stage in 1997 competing in the Emerald Cup. He placed third in the middleweight class.

With close to a decade’s worth of competitions under his belt, he entered his first Arnold Classic in 2005 and placed ninth. Later that year Dugdale competed in the Ironman Pro Invitational and the San Francisco Pro Invitational, improving his ranking with each competition.

Age: 49

Competition Weight: 212

Off-Season: 240

Competition History

Year League Competition Place
2016 IFBB Mr Olympia 11th
2016 IFBB IFBB Vancouver Pro 1st
2016 IFBB Toronto Pro 4th
2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro Championships 2nd
2014 IFBB Mr Olympia 12th
2014 IFBB Toronto Pro 3rd
2013 IFBB Mr Olympia 10th
2013 IFBB New York Pro 3rd
2012 IFBB 2nd
2012 IFBB Flex Pro 7th