Victor’s In, On Target

Victor Martinez won entry into the 2004 Olympia by virtue of his win at the GNC Show of Strength on October 9th. At 242 pounds he competed at his heaviest ever in Atlanta but plans to tighten up considerably by October 30th. As good as he looked it’s realistic to expect him to come in 5 to 10 percent better in Vegas as he and prep expert Chris Aceto have timed him to hit his peak that Saturday night. Top 6 material? Believe it or not, there were murmurs in Atlanta of Victor breaking into the top 3! Yes, he’s that good, and yes, his inclusion into the O lineup will add that much more intensity and excitement to the event.

Ronnie’s Ready

From various recent sightings, the word is clear that Ronnie is even bigger than he was last year at this time! Understand that last year at this time he was around 300 pounds, weighing in for the Olympia at 287. Ronnie’s predicting he’ll be 294 pounds on the Mandalay stage. Making last year’s freak status redundant.

Jay: Bigger and Sharper

How about a Jay Cutler bigger-than-last-year’s version, but with the cuts he displayed at the 2001 Olympia? Word has it that that’s exactly the way things are shaping up for Iron Jay. He’s gone the size road. Then he went for the sleeker, more defined look. But he realized in the end that it would take a combination of the two to finally overtake Big Ron and realize his dream of being dubbed the World’s Greatest Bodybuilder. Will 2004 be the year dream become reality for Mr. Cutler? We’ll know very, very soon.

Dennis at Gold’s

Dennis James has been spotted training at Gold’s Gym, Venice, in preparation for the Big O and reports are that he looks incredible. According to one anonymous source he is making the same kind of impact Paul Dillet and Ronnie Coleman had on the throngs at the world’s most famous gym during previous appearances. Apparently he is at his all-time largest and sheathed in finger-thick veins. While width has never been a problem for “The Menace” he has managed to widen himself even further. So wide is he, in fact, that there’s talk that he may have to enter Mandalay from the loading dock at this point.

Gunter Growls

Gunter Schlierkamp is primed for the 30th and feeling the late Rodney Dangerfield’s pain. According to the German Giant the new Olympia poster shows most of the Olympia contestants “no respect.” For those who haven’t seen it, featured are Ronnie and Jay crossing arms, but no sign of the other 17 competitors. According to the Big G this kind of advertising can sway judges and fans alike into thinking that there are really only two guys who’ll be duking it out for top honors at the Big O. Hmmm…looks like Gunter’s got more reason than ever to be charged up for the Olympia, thanks to the Olympia art department and their unintentional dose of motivation.

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