Ben White Joins Team MHP


IFBB pro Ben White, widely regarded as one of the strongest men in bodybuilding, has officially joined Team MHP. Ben has been a longtime user of MHP products, but partnered with the brand for the first time at the Arnold Classic Europe, where he spent the last day of the Expo meeting fans at the MHP booth.

Coming off a strong bodybuilding season in 2012, Ben has stated that his focus for 2013 is to get even bigger and stronger through a combination of heavy lifting and use of MHP nutritional supplements. He already boasts a 645 lb. raw bench press max (711 using a benching shirt) and a 705 raw deadlift. “In 2013, I will be competing again as a powerlifter to regain the title of the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder,” he says.

The Saratoga Springs, NY native won the 2010 Tampa Pro bodybuilding contest and holds numerous powerlifting titles in the WPO, WNPF and AAU. Standing 5’7”, Ben competes at 245 lbs., but bulks up to near 300 lbs. in the offseason. The 36-year-old owns the Team White personal training business in his hometown and counts Up Your MASS, Power Pak Pudding, BCAA 3300 and ISOFAST Whey Milkshake as his favorite MHP products. “I have also been using MHP’s new MYO-X myostatin inhibitor for the last few months and it has been very helpful in allowing me to gain new mass and strength,” added Ben.

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