Any bodybuilder will tell you that earning a pro card is a feat to be proud of. It’s definitely not easy, and it shows that incredible amounts of time and effort were put in to achieve a goal.

Wade McCrae Washington, who recently won his pro card, is not your average bodybuilder. Suffering from cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis, doctors said that he wouldn’t make it past ten years old.

He proved them wrong, and at 45 years old, he is a professional bodybuilder. He had a long-time goal to be a bodybuilder, but at first it was difficult because his hands and feet needed to be stabilized for him to channel specific muscles.

His personal trainer, Tina Chandler, created special apparatuses in the gym that have allowed Washington to train hard and work the muscles that she intends him to work.

Washington told Great Big Story that in the time since he began bodybuilding, his body has gotten straighter, he’s gotten taller and he can stand still. He has no plans to slow down, and he’ll continue to inspire everyone to reach for their goals no matter how impossible they may seem.

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