One of several surprises that occurred Saturday, May 25th at the 2013 New York Pro was Clarence DeVis moving up a weight class from his intended 212 and Under Class into the Open Class. Smaller in height, DeVis stepped on stage between 228 and 230lbs (104kg). Ripped, full and shredded from head to toe, DeVis fought his way into the 5th place spot by the end of the evening.

DeVis has been on a hunt for redemption ever since last year's poor performance. Placing 13th at the 2012 PBW Tampa Pro and 14th at the 2012 Nordic Pro, DeVis had to take a step back and recalibrate. He had to figure out what was working, what wasn't working, fix it and come back hard.

Hard he did!

Leading up to the 2013 New York Pro, mini-Kai Greene posted weekly updates on his FaceBook page. Putting it all out there, DeVis placed pressure directly on himself to perform. Running along side Clarence step-by-step was guru and mentor IFBB pro Fakhri Mubarak. Together, Team Mubarak came up with a winning combination that catapulted DeVis into the top 5 winner's circle.

Chatting with Fakhri Mubarak, Clarence DeVis opted to stay in New York to work with Mubarak on the final days before the assault on Toronto. As a result, Mubarak predicts DeVis will step on stage bigger and harder.

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DeVis was able to hold off Anthoneil Champaigne, Marcus Haley, Keith Williams and Cedric McMillan. But how will he do against the former 2012 Toronto Pro Champ Bill Wilmore, Micheal Liberatore, and Frank McGrath? Only time will tell.

We here at Flex Magazine wish Clarence DeVis and Fakhri Mubarak the best of luck in Canada!

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