In the months after the 2006 Mr. Olympia contest, there have been differing opinions concerning how eight-time champ Ronnie Coleman has reacted to the loss. Now, in a recent development, controversial comments attributed to Coleman surrounding his Olympia defeat at the hands of Jay Cutler have been released online.

The comments were posted at under Coleman’s screen name. Here are the posts in their entirety:

Post number one:
“Trust me dude, I am fully aware of all the haters out there and the things they say…Well I’m just gone piss them off more when I come back next year and kick jays butt….Those people will use just about any excuse to make themselves feel better about their boy jay…Well I’m gonna show them that this 43 year old is on a different standard than what they’re on…My genetics are far superior to theirs and their boy jay too, aint no need to brag about it though, I got 8 titlese to jays 1 that says it all…Thanks for the support brother, Love you for it…”

Post number two:
“Just a bunch of rumors dude, first the judges have to have some reason to give jay first so they use this…It was all over the internet before the show so they just decided to run with it…Once they did, all the magazines just figured, what the hell, that sounds good to us…Mostly they all kinda wanted jay to win deep down in their hearts…Its just human nature with most people anyway just to cheer for the underdog and being white sure helped jay a lot too…..
Rather than get involved in the hysteria, we went to the man himself to get the truth.

Here’s what he had to say:

COLEMAN: Sounds like one of my pissed off fans. I’ve gotten probably around two to three-thousand emails sort of like that. Sounds like one of them just got on there and posted some stuff. That’s all that is.

FLEX: These were on Ronnie, where you have been known to post in the past. One more time, are you saying you didn’t post these comments on ProSource?

COLEMAN: No I didn’t post those. I post on there though, but I didn’t post those two. Sound like somebody just trying to stir up some controversy.

FLEX: If you didn’t post these, I will address the second one. Do you think that Jay being white had anything to do with him winning this Olympia?

COLEMAN: No, no. I don’t think nothing like that. Like I said it’s probably just that somebody that’s pissed off about me not winning. Because I’ve gotten a couple thousand of those.

FLEX: Lets talk about the rumors surrounding the lat and triceps tears. I know you’ve addressed them before, but they’re here again. Are there any truth to those rumors.

COLEMAN: No, aint no truth to none of those rumors. I don’t have a tricep tear or a lat tear. I heard somebody say a biceps tear also. I don’t have any tear. I get asked that a lot too. I always tell people no, just rumors.