Great article on Eduardo Correa this month in the February Edition of Flex Magazine.  Here is a quote from the interview:

“My plan for this year is to keep competing in the 212,” Correa says emphatically. “After making the hard decision to go back to [that class], I feel that I have a duty to conquer what is still missing: the 212 Showdown title.”
Coming off a year where he competed six times, Correa is forecasting 2013 as one that will include half—or even a third—as many appearances donning the posing trunks. But he is certain of one of them. “The only thing that I’m sure of at the moment is the Olympia,” he says with a sheepish smile.

Eduardo correa chest press
Per bernal

If he does accomplish the goal he has set for himself come September, Correa sees it as more than just a personal one that will be met. “More important to me is that I’ll be representing a legion of Brazilians, whose country does not have any tradition in this sport but has an unbelievably great number of followers of the lifestyle,” he comments. “I hope that I can leave a legacy to these people who are inspired by my work, and I hope to contribute in some way to the growth of bodybuilding over there.” Brazil has a whole lot riding on the success of Eduardo Correa in the Iron Game. Judging by the start of his career, it is in good hands.

To see the complete interview, pick up the February edition of Flex Magazine.