On August 22, 2017 we learned that a great friend, little brother and family member – simply put one of the most humble and bright individuals in the sport of bodybuilding – had left us.  

Left us to be elevated to a higher level than what he was here with us. I walked into the Dragons Lair, our sanctuary, but known to the outside world as the six-time 212 Olympia champion Flex Lewis’ Private gym. There is a silent echo of his grainy voice and I can’t yet come to process or understand that he will not be there. 


Dallas we will cherish the moments we shared with insane lifts, celebrating birthdays, and so much more. 

I still hear him asking me if “I’m going to get Big af”. I still feel his energy firing up to push, pull, or press massive weights. 


There is so much more to Dallas Mccarver as we closest to him know –  know because he is gone from our lives in flesh, but in spirit he will never be gone and will be forever missed. We love you bro! You are, and always will be, family. May you find your sanctuary as we will keep your in our hearts and minds.