Dan Solomon on the set of BIGGER.

It’s been fascinating these past few weeks to be digesting Facebook reports and photos from bodybuilding media standout Dan Solomon from the film set of BIGGER. This a Hollywood movie, due for release in 2018, that charts the rise of Joe and Ben Weider from the 1920s slums of Montreal to pioneers – inventors even — of the bodybuilding, fitness and health supplements industry. It is a fitting mainstream tribute to Joe and Ben who passed away in 2013 and 2008 respectively. Dan is doing a sterling job as Co-Executive Producer of the movie as he adds yet another string to his continually twanging bow. (The film is directed by George Gallo and stars Julianne Hough, Tyler Hoechlin, Aneurin Barnard, Victoria Justice, Tom Arnold, Kevin Durand and several bodybuilding industry notables).

J.M. Manion

Bob Cicherillo, Peter McGough, and Dan Solomon backstage at the 2007 Olympia.

This South Floridian is a renowned innovator and entrepreneur. Back in 2005 he launched bodybuilding’s first ever radio show, Pro Bodybuilding Weekly, whose global popularity led to it eventually being re-named Pro Bodybuilding Worldwide. On the show his main partner in chime-in-when-you-want-to was Masters World Champ Bob “Sometimes you get the elevator, sometimes you get the shaft” Cicherillo.

Dan has also been the host, commentator and interviewer for more Olympia Weekend and Arnold Classic webcasts than anyone else. Say it straight; he’s the best host/commentator/interviewer for those webcasts. What always impresses me about him is the thorough research he puts in when preparing for any broadcast or interview. It’s a professionalism that few can emulate.

Chris Nicoll

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dan Solomon backstage at the 2017 Olympia.

Having earned a Journalism Degree in college, the guy is an accomplished writer as well. With his writing he brings that same thorough research into play and relays knowledge, making his points in a concise, entertaining and fluid manner. His stories have a beginning, middle and an end that sums up the issue at hand completely. (In a recent article I listed a few writers of note and in a Senior Moment did not include Dan – my bad.)

Dan is one of the most well-rounded and well-grounded figures in our industry; no Prima Donna, he lets his work speak for itself. He has been married for 20 years to the wonderful Grace (she couldn’t have a more fitting name) who is a qualified attorney and who in 2016 was elected to the office of City Commissioner for Parkland, Florida. Thus it’s only natural that this high octane couple would produce such a well-mannered and clever son as 11 year old Nicholas, who is quite the baseball talent.

I have known Dan for the best part of two decades and our friendship has only grown over the years. I watch from the sidelines as he continues to break new ground. I look forward as an enthusiastic spectator to the continuing Wisdom of Solomon as his star rises ever higher. Thanks for your longtime support and friendship Dan. You are the man.

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