Three Time Champion, James ‘Flex’ Lewis Will Rely On Elite Lifestyle Cuisine’s Chefs For His Dietary Needs

CLIFTON, NJ; July 31, 2015 — The reigning IFBB Olympia 212 Champion and one of the most recognized and talented bodybuilders in the world, James ‘Flex’ Lewis has joined Elite Lifestyle Cuisine. The partnership is the first of its kind for the New Jersey based company as it broadens its horizons from mainstream to bodybuilding. 

“It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the Elite Lifestyle Cuisine Team. My longtime friend and company President, Carlo Filippone and I have been talking plans for some time. I expressed my concerns with some of the other meal preparation companies I’ve used in the past, Carlo’s words were, ‘I’m going to send you some food, just try it.’ He did and for the last two months I’ve been using his meals. Needless to say, I’m very, very happy. My sport revolves around the dinner table.  I have high confidence that teaming up with Elite will help bring a package to the Olympia that will secure that fourth win.”

James ‘Flex’ Lewis’ career is highlighted with 13 professional victories, making him the winningest 212 pound professional bodybuilder in the IFBB. His work ethic, attention to detail and desire to continuously improve; has made him one of the most respected bodybuilders of all time. On Saturday, September 19, 2015, Lewis will make his bid to become a four time Olympia champion. The title is the most prestigious in the world.

Company President and former IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Carlo Filippone states, “One of the greatest compliments Elite Lifestyle Cuisine has ever received is an endorsement from Flex Lewis. Not strictly because he is Mr. Olympia, but because he is a champion with great integrity and an unwillingness to compromise. I have placed the same emphasis on my company. We are as proud to be a part of his team, as we are excited to have him represent our brand.” 

About Elite Lifestyle Cuisine:

Elite Lifestyle Cuisine, a prepared gourmet healthy meal company, opened its doors in May, 2013 and featured a direct to consumer home delivery service exclusive to the New York Metropolitan area. In June 2015 it expanded its delivery zones nationwide. Its product line is comprised of many recognizable and low fat menu items as well as a ‘Staples’ menu featuring, high-quality protein sources including wild-caught salmon and cod, all natural chicken breasts, and the newly introduced ‘Flex Burger’, a hand-rolled eight ounce turkey breast burger created specifically for the company’s new star. Orders can be placed through the company website www.elitelifestylecuisine.com