3X Olympia 212 Showdown champ, Flex Lewis, took to Instagram and posted a throwback photo that serves as a reminder of where he was in 2007, and how far he's come in the past seven years of his bodybuilding journey. Check out the photo:



The Welsh Dragon posted this message with the image:

"flex_lewisA #ThrowBackThursday to a young #FlexLewis turning pro weighing 196lbs at the @ukbff_official British Finals. Fast forward to last years @koreagrandprix 15lbs heavier and 211lbs. This #TBT of 7years is dedication to my craft knowing how to balance life, keeping my body close to contest weight, to make my weight, adding Lb by Lb with out ruining shape or structure, and realizing that there is no fast pass to stay in this game, just a early exit for those trying to run before they can walk. Bodybuilding is a marathon not a sprint, it can be frustrating for the best, but when comparing where you have come from, to where you are now, it should reassure you that gains are slow in the daily but in the monthly your making moves. #BeFlextraordinary"

Be inspired, don't take shortcuts, and as Flex puts it, "Bodybuilding is a marathon not a sprint." While we were checking out Flex's Instagram, we also came on this clip of him getting some back work done: