Standing in the spotlight at center stage with the sport’s greatest trophy— the Eugen Sandow statue—in hand. Thousands of bodybuilders dream of this moment, but very few have what it takes to make it happen. In the docudrama Generation Iron, which hits theaters this September, writer, director, and producer Vlad Yudin, along with producing partner Edwin Mejia of the Vladar Company, will show the world exactly what the cost of greatness is as they follow seven of the world’s top bodybuilders on their journey to the 2012 Mr. Olympia. Watch the exciting trailer at and!

Writer, Director & Producer Vlad Yudin’s thoughts on:

THE DYNAMIC DUO “Roelly [Winklaar] and Grandma [Sibil Peters, Winklaar’s trainer/nutritionist]—I’ve never seen a relationship like that. She’s so many things to him: a trainer, a mentor, almost a mother figure. And they do everything together. The crew was mesmerized by it. I call them the ‘Dynamic Duo of Bodybuilding.’ We were all calling her ‘Grandma,’ too! And she’s tough. She makes sure he does everything he’s supposed to.”


STRENGTH OF CHARACTERVictor Martinez—what a captivating story. He’d just gotten out [Martinez was detained on immigration issues from October 2011 to April 2012] a couple months before we started filming. He was trying to figure out if he could still compete, because he wanted to do the Olympia and be in the movie. Victor’s a huge fan of the original. He was one of the top contenders from the previous year, and had just won a big show in Europe in the latter part of the year. But then everything crumbled. So he was rebuilding not only his physique, but his career and his life. Victor’s a really fun guy to just hang out with, and that comes across in the film. He’s very laid back and personable, but you can see that he’s got great inner strength. He’s been through a lot in his life, and that’s made him who is today. He keeps going on no matter what. Some people can’t handle everything life throws at them, and sometimes they never recover, but Victor’s fought through it all. His story is so inspirational—he’s proof that it takes a great deal of inner strength to follow your dreams.”