The heaviest hitters in the UFC weigh in on the heaviest hitters in the UFC

By Larry Pepe

February 23, 2009


In the April 2009 issue of FLEX Larry Pepe analyzes and ranks the 10 heaviest hitters in the UFC today. While you’re going to have to grab a copy of the magazine to see who punches their way to the top of the list, brings you this exclusive in which some of the sport’s top stars weigh in on their hardest-hitting opponents.

Flexonline: Who has hit you the hardest?

Dan Henderson: I would have to say Wanderlei Silva.

Randy Couture: Chuck Liddell, when we fought the second time. That is the only time that I have truly been knocked out in my career. I lost a few seconds there.

Scott Smith: Rampage and James Irvin are the two hardest hitters I’ve every worked with. James is one of the best strikers in MMA.

Rashad Evans: Keith Jardine hit the hardest when I fought him on The Ultimate Fighter. Now I train with K.J. and he still hits me the hardest.

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