Jay Blog 1Body Power is always an excellent event. I have been working closely with this organization since the beginning, 5 years ago. I was a guest in India, now in the UK and I have committed to South Africa. My involvement is only progressing as the event becomes more established and I am glad I get to be apart of it. During these trips I was involved in the seminars, participating as a speaker. On day one I worked with Zack Khan, a fellow Weider/Flex athlete and we had a blast interacting with our fans. Zack is hilarious and everyone had really great questions for us.  On the second day, I hosted the seminar solo. It’s always great to see the fans hyped up.

Jay blog 2Of course at the expo I represented BPI at the booth, doing some promoting since the Cutler Nutrition line will be launching in the UK over the next few months. As expected, there were huge lines and everyone was so welcoming. The promoter took great care of me and the accommodations were perfect for us athletes. We were able to have food ready for us every 2 ½ hours and it was super convenient. I got to hang out with Robbie, Kai, Flex Lewis, Phil and a few other of the greats out there. Phil and I even got our annual workout in, which was also fun for us. If you are ever in the UK, I suggest Emporium gym. I loved it there – especially because I got to take down the giant murals of me and sign them for the gym.

This expo continues to grow extensively every year and the massive turnouts always remind us athletes why we do what we do – for the fans! All in all, I left happy. It was a really incredible trip, and possibly, even my best international trip yet. I am looking forward to heading back there and possibly touring around the UK for two week in October.

Next Stop – Memorial Day Weekend, Boston for the Jay Cutler Classic!

Hope to see you all there.