Jay Cutler completed the gauntlet, winning three shows in Europe over the course of three days, relegating eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman to second each time.

The victories cement Cutler’s status as the world’s new number-one bodybuilder, proving his stunning Mr. Olympia victory September 30 was no fluke.

On Sunday, October 8, Cutler added the Dutch Grand Prix title to the Austrian and Romanian Grand Prix trophies he won on Friday and Saturday,respectively. Over the three days, both Coleman and Cutler improved their condition, damaged with the long flights over from the U.S. earlier in the week – now, with the contest season over, both can head back to their respective camps and plan their attack for next year. Cutler plans to defend his O title, while at this point, it seems Coleman is planning to return as well. Retirement rumors swirled before this year’s O – but Colemanvehemently denied them in the weeks leading up to the Olympia, and hasn’t indicated otherwise since.

Meanwhile, third place in Austria went to a very deserving Ronny Rockel, who now has punched his ticket to the 2007 Olympia.


1. Jay Cutler
2. Ronnie Coleman
3. Ronny Rockel
4. Hidetada Yamagishi
5. Eddie Abbew
6. Lee Powell
7. Jaroslav Horvath
8. Meset Itli
9. Alexander Fedorov
10. Trevor Crouch
11. Tommi Thorvildsen
12. Alison Maria
13. Aimam Faour
14. Armando Alcazar
15. Oleg Makfhantsez

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