In this preview picture, IFBB Pro Jeff Long is 4.5 weeks out and sitting at 242lbs. You can tell Jeff's put a lot of effort into his growth considering he turned pro at 25 years old at 220lbs a little over two years ago.

In 2012 Jeff placed 9th at the New York Pro and 7th at the Europa Battle of Champions. This year Jeff is looking to strike it hard and fast in the second pro show of the season.

Speed bench press 1 exercise_landscape_0
Here's an example of some of his workouts in preparation for the Australian Pro and preview picture 4 Weeks Out:

Leg Day:

  • 5 sets leg extensions
  • 8 sets of squats
  • 4 sets leg press
  • 3 sets of step ups
  • 3 sets single leg extensions
  • 4 sets of 21's for lying hamstring curls
  • 3 sets seated leg curls
  • 4 sets glute blaster
  • 4 sets seated calve raises
  • 3 sets standing
  • 3 sets front toe raises
  • All reps were 15-25 on everything

Back Day:

  • 4 sets front pulldowns
  • 4 sets reverse grip BB rows super set with close grip pull ups
  • 4 sets hammer strength rows plus 2 giant sets
  • 4 sets Rack pulls super set with reverse grip pulldowns
  • 4 sets hypers super set with pull overs. 4 sets behind the back shrugs
  • 3 sets DB shrugs
  • 8 sets standing calves raises

Side-to-Side Hop
Shoulders and Traps:
  • 5 sets side laterals last set drop set
  • 4 sets front bb raises
  • 4 sets hammer strength press last set was triple drop set
  • 4 sets DB upright rows last set drop set
  • 4 sets rear cable pulls
  • 3 sets behind the back shrug
  • 3 sets DB shrugs

Workouts, cardio and food – this is what a professional bodybuilder does to continuously improve and perform well on stage.

In the picture to the right, Jeff Long's Breakfast: egg whites broccoli and walden farms calorie free ketchup –>

We wish Jeff Long the best of luck in Australia!

Australian Grand Prix XII 2013

Australian Grand Prix XII 2013