When we first learned the story of Joe Weider was headed to the big screen, we knew it had all the makings of a blockbuster.  With a star studded cast and a highly respected director in place, BIGGER wrapped up shooting last November and quickly entered its post-production stage.  The movie has received a healthy amount of coverage from Hollywood trade publications and various mainstream outlets like US Weekly and Entertainment Tonight, indicating that the movie is generating interest extending well beyond the world of muscle and fitness.

Co-Executive Producer Dan Solomon tells us the film is now complete. “Director George Gallo created something beautiful, an emotionally charged, multi-layered, period piece spanning all the decades of Joe’s life. I can’t give away details, but we are all incredibly proud of how it came together.  This is the largest budgeted bodybuilding themed production ever made. Executive Producer Eric Weider and Producers Steve Lee Jones and Scott LaStaiti have given us something quite remarkable.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a private screening was held earlier this month during the Cannes Film Festival and additional invitation-only screenings are slated for later this week in Los Angeles and New York.  General release dates are expected to become clearer in the weeks to come.

Performances are already being praised for a cast that includes Julianne Hough, Tyler Hoechlin, Robert Forster, Kevin Durand, Aneurin Barnard, Victoria Justice, Tom Arnold, Calum Von Mogur, and even a few well placed appearances by some celebs of the bodybuilding world. 

All of us here at Muscle & Fitness and Flex are looking forward to seeing the movie about the man who made all of this possible.  We always knew Joe’s life story had all the makings of a great movie. It looks like the wait is almost over. BIGGER has been made.

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