May 20, 2013

Today marks a new day in Fitness Management Group history. For the first time in the 18 year existence of the company FMG has added their first male athlete, IFBB Professional League Men’s Physique athlete Mark Anthony.

Since the inception of the Men’s Physique division in the NPC and then with the 2012 introduction of IFBB Pro Men’s Physique, FMG has been asked numerous times if we would ever consider expanding to manage these competitors. We took a wait and see approach. Gradually as the number of Men’s Physique competitors continued to grow on the NPC level and watching the IFBB Professional League Men’s Physique competitions also grow in 2013, we felt the timing was finally upon us. At the recent 2013 Europa Show Of Champions Fitness Expo in Orlando, Florida, it seemed like more fitness related companies were employing Men’s Physique competitors to work their booth’s and promote their specific products.

The initial selection of IFBB Pro Men’s Physique will be a small and hand picked so that FMG can concentrate on working with these athlete’s and also to test the waters. The selection of Mark Anthony as FMG’s initial Men’s Physique athlete was made because Mark has established a name for himself in the new sport and his signing will let everybody know FMG has expanded and that Mark is looking to further expand his personal brand too. Now when you think of Mark Anthony you will also think of FMG. This should also bode well for our current roster of IFBB Professional League Bikini, Figure and Fitness athletes as we work towards taking all of our athlete’s to more mainstream work.

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