Gabe Moen didn’t pick bodybuilding. He feels that he came into it by divine intervention.

“I think bodybuilding chose me out of virtue. I think it was God’s way of saying, “hey, try this”, he said.

The 34 year old Waterloo, Nebraska native (now living in Tacoma, Washington) is  a competitor in the super heavyweight division, came into bodybuilding through see what the other guys in high school had.

“ I saw the football team lifting weights and they had the hottest girls,” he said.

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When Moen was 18 he met Todd Smith, a bodybuilder out of Omaha. He explains Smith played a role in his career by being the first bodybuilder he came in contact with.

“Todd passed on knowledge right away along the torch of camaraderie and leadership in bodybuilding. I’ve been paying it forward ever since,” he said.

His first foray into the competitive side of the sport came in 2003 at the NPC Tacoma Gold’s Classic in which he placed first in the super heavy’s. After several years in the state level, he finally had a breakthrough by placing ninth at this past July’s NPC USA Championships. He achieved his best ever condition by working with one of the sports best coaches in Chris Aceto.

“All the feedback I’ve consistent, I just had to find the coach who was going to listen to my body and not push it over the edge,” he said.

Aceto did just that by pushing up the food intake and backing off the cardio for Moen to fill out his massive frame. The duo has been working together for eight months and the time spent together was productive.

“I was 264 onstage last year and in eight months came in at 21 pounds heavier. I’m up to 306 right now, but it’s a “tight” 306,” he said.

Moen is not wasting anytime after July’s USA championship either. With the goal of being onstage at the 2013 USA at a “tight and ripped 300 pounds.”

“It’s been nonstop since the USA’s and I’m not gonna stop until I’m a USA champion,” he said. “I just want that ultimate combination of condition and muscle.”

Moen wants to give special thanks to Jim Sherman, the late Rick Hussey, Leah Marie Stubbs, Stan Efferding, Rae Anne Bettencourt, Nicholas Sparks, Chris McCall, Chris Aceto and NPC Washington State Promoter Jeremy Williams.