This picture was taken moments before WWE Superstar Randy Orton had an altercation with a fan at a local gym before this past Monday’s Smackdown event in Jonesboro, Arkansas, home of Arkansas State University. The fan (Anthony Martin), an adult male who was clearly enraged by the incident, gave his side of the story to the Northeast Arkansas Report.

“I approached him by myself and said, ‘Can I get a picture of you?,’” Martin said. “He gave me a fist bump and replied, ‘Sorry. I can’t hear you,’ pointing to his earphones. We went our separate ways.” Martin then snapped a photo of Orton, which made ‘The Viper’ loose his cool.

“He saw me snap the picture and came up to me got in my face and said, ‘What the [expletive] are you doing? I said no [expletive] pictures! Are you [expeltive] stupid?’” the fan said.

Orton later responded to the incident on Twitter, and said he has no problems taking pictures with fans, just don’t mess with his workout.

Former WWE and WCW Superstar Lance Storm also weighed in on what transpired, which you can read below:

Moral of the story, don’t mess with a man while he is putting in work at the gym.