For a sport like bodybuilding, you can’t train without pain, and nobody knows the sacrifices of a life in the gym quite like eight-time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman.

During his 1998-2005 peak, he was the best in the world—and for as impressive as his monstrous physique was, it was equaled by his bar-bending feats in the gym. Known for powering through 800-pound squats and 200-pound dumbbell presses, Coleman’s routine was something that any powerlifter would be proud (or even envious) of.

This is a man that lived by his now-famous motto: “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to life heavy-ass weights.” But as the years have gone by, the former Mr. O has faced a number of surgeries, with three of them coming in 2018 alone. Two weeks ago, he updated fans on his condition after his latest back operation—he was moving around, but gingerly and with the aid of a walker.

Well, that was two weeks ago. Now? Now, Coleman is already back on an exercise bike at the gym. Here’s the message he left fans on Instagram: “Dr told me I can’t train just yet but cardio on the incumbent bike is good after back surgery to get the legs stronger. So here I go again, not on the comeback but on the road to recovery. Yeah Buddy, Lightweight baby, it still Ain’t nothing but a peanut.”

Don’t be surprised to see Coleman back on the weights sooner, rather than later.

You can check out the full Instagram post below: