Pictured: Ronnie Coleman attends the Arnold Sports Festival 2015

When Ronnie Coleman won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 2005, he tied Lee Haney for the most wins ever. And as strong as he looked at his peak, he lifted even stronger, repping out weights that most bodybuilders would never dream of touching.

But since the end of his reign as Mr. Olympia, all that heavy lifting has taken a toll on Coleman’s health. Last week, the 54-year-old took to Instagram to share a few photos documenting his third surgery this year, and his 10th overall. Back in February, he had a spinal fusion surgery, he shared in one caption. Three weeks later, he had another surgery to fix screws that had broken after the first. In the surgery he had last week, all 10 of the screws in his back were replaced with larger screws, he said.







The surgery went well, and Coleman’s outlook is remarkably positive, despite his difficult recoveries. In the comments, fans offered tons of support and well-wishes for the former champ. Just two days later, Coleman shared a video of himself walking with the help of a walker. It’s a feat he calls a “miracle,” writing that he’d normally be on his way to rehab to learn to walk again at this point post-surgery.

“I’m really in a state of shock because after the same results after the same surgery you kinda get used to being not able to walk and come to expect it,” Coleman writes in the caption.




Walker and hospital gown aside, Coleman’s ongoing dedication to the gym definitely shows in his chest and shoulders. Even when he struggles to get on his feet, he makes sure to get a good workout in. Check out some of his recent workout videos below.