With an impressive performance of power and endurance, Brian "The Mammoth" Shaw won the MHP USA vs. Europe Strongman Challenge on Saturday, October 12th as part of the Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid Spain. The MHP Strongman Challenge pitted The Mammoth (representing the USA) against Lithuania's Zydrunas Savickas and Poland's Krzysztof Radzikowski. All three strongmen are sponsored by MHP. 

The trio competed in three events, beginning with the Yoke/Farmers Walk Medley. This contest required them to carry a 900 lb. (409 kg) Yoke apparatus for 13 meters (42 feet, 8 inches), then upon dropping the Yoke they had to carry a 352 lb. (160 kg) Farmers Walk tube in each hand for another 13 meters. Krzysztof came in with the fastest time at 16:75.

Event two was the deadlift for reps competition, which saw the three powerhouses pulling 748 lbs. (340 kg) for maximum repetitions in 60 seconds. The deadlift performance was conducted in front of thousands of fans on the main stage of the Arnold Classic Expo. Shaw was the top competitor here, pulling an amazing eight reps with the massive weight.

Later Saturday night, immediately after the IFBB pro men bodybuilders' routines at the Madrid Arena, the power trio took the stage. Here they would perform the single-arm Circus Dumbbell Press with a massive dumbbell weighing 198 lbs. (90 kg), pushing as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. The competition was close, and in the end both Zydrunas and Brian tied for the lead with a whopping 10 reps!

When the point totals were counted, The Mammoth won the competition, followed by Big Z and Radzikowski. The three received commemorative embroidered Cardillo weight belts, and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself presented a specially crafted sword to Brian as the MHP Arnold Classic Strongman Champ.