This weekend the Flex team headed to Teaneck, NJ to the 2013 Team Universe Championships and the competitors came out in full force!  With over 60 IFBB Pro Cards on the line, this competition boasted over 700 competitors (including crossovers) with 19 in Fitness, 60 in Women’s Physique, 204 in Figure, 143 in Men’s Physique, 90 in Men’s Bodybuilding, and 193 in Bikini. 

After a combined 10+ hours of prejudging between Friday and Saturday, top 5 in each class were announced on Saturday night in the Teaneck Marriott main ballroom, and over 60 competitors walked off of the stage with newly granted IFBB professional status.  The top 5 in Open Men’s Bodybuilding and Open Men’s Physique classes are as follows:


Open Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Winner: Saiid Kamara (Heavyweight)

Bodybuilding Open Bantamweight

1st        Nash Malik                            

2nd       Adam Weinberg                   

3rd       Anthony Frank         

4th        Bob Reiner                


Bodybuilding Open Lightweight

1st        Nhon Ly                    

2nd       Wayne Hugar                       


Bodybuilding Open Welterweight

1st        Christian Beatty-Wallace

2nd       Steve Scutti

3rd       Anthony Langevin

4th        Bill Moschelle

5th        Simoun Shamoon


Bodybuilding Open Middleweight

1st        Kingsley Deslorieux

2nd       Chris Bohonyi

3rd       Rafael Norat

4th        Quentin Randolph

5th        Joe Toth


Bodybuilding Open Lightheavyweight

1st        Stephen Moriarty

2nd       Lamar Gordon

3rd       Aaron Hall

4th        Ronald King (lll)

5th        Raymond Stevenson            


Bodybuilding Open Heavyweight

1st        Saiid Kamara (Earned IFBB Pro Status)

2nd       Marc Arthur Dautruche

3rd       Derek Upshaw

4th        Shiloe Steinmetz

5th        Johnathan Johnson

2013 Team Universe

Team Universe 2013