They were born 13 years apart, so you can’t put much stock in the fact that the younger Dexter Jackson eventually racked up head-to-head wins over Vince Taylor. Still, they share much in common. Both are celebrated for their humongous arms, minuscule waists, and sharp lines. Though Jackson currently spends more time in Southern California, they both call Florida home. Taylor started much faster than Jackson (he won 10 pro shows his first three years to Jackson’s zero), but both compiled two of the all-time greatest contest records. Most implausibly, each looked stupendous well past their 40th birthdays. Jackson is still competing this year at 47, and Taylor is flirting with a comeback at 60. But let’s go back in time. At 45, Jackson was second in the 2015 Olympia, while, in 2001, Taylor was 13th in the Mr. O and first in the Masters O. 

 Dexter Jackson vs. VINCE TAYLOR 

as of March 2017

  • AGE: Jackson: 47 VS. Taylor: 60
  • PRO WINS: Jackson: 28 VS. Taylor: 22
  • YEARS AS PRO: Jackson: 18 VS. Taylor: 16
  • PRO CONTESTS: Jackson: 83 VS. Taylor: 68
  • WEIGHT: Jackson: 230 VS. Taylor: 230
  • HEIGHT: Jackson: 5’6″ VS. Taylor: 5’9″
  • BEST POSE: Jackson: Front Double Biceps VS. Taylor: Front Double Biceps
  • WORST POST: Jackson: Rear Lat Spread VS. Taylor: Rear Lat Spread
  • STRENGTHS: Jackson: Biceps, Chest, Abs VS. Taylor: Arms, Quad Separtation, Abs
  • WEAKNESSES: Jackson: Calves, Quad Sweep VS. Taylor: Hamstrings, Back