Similarly sized with the same strengths, when they shared an IFBB Pro League stage seven times in 2005-06, they were sometimes ring shots side by side. In his initial pro years, Branch Warren came out ahead in six of those battles, while Mustafa Mohammad, in his final pro years, took only one. It was the dawn of Warren’s stellar career, which included two Arnold Classic titles and second in the 2009 Mr. Olympia. In contrast, the Jordanian’s posing occupation was filled with frustration, as he failed to place above third in a pro show. The reason was never a lack of muscle but usually his scarcity of details. The final victory tally could’ve been dramatically different if Mohammad had gone high-def or Warren never did. Cuts aside, these compact mass monsters were evenly matched as two of the densest musclemen and best wheelmen of all time.


as of April 2018

  • PRO WINS: Mohammad: 0 VS. Warren: 9
  • YEARS AS PRO: Mohammad: 6 VS. Warren: 13
  • PRO CONTESTS: Mohammad: 24 VS. Warren: 35
  • WEIGHT: Mohammad: 255 lbs VS. Warren: 250 lbs
  • HEIGHT: Mohammad: 5’8″ VS. Warren: 5’7″
  • BEST POSE: Mohammad: Side Chest VS. Warren: Side Chest
  • WORST POSE: Mohammad: Rear Lat Spread VS. Warren: Rear Lat Spread
  • STRENGTHS: Mohammad: Legs, Chest VS. Warren: Legs, Chest
  • WEAKNESSES: Mohammad: Conditioning, Wide Hips VS. Warren: Forearms, Wide Hips