I mix my creatine and protein powder shakes before I go to the gym, but one of the gym gurus told me that creatine breaks down as a liquid. Is this true?


Your guru is correct in the long term, but recent research shows that creatine breaks down slowly in liquid. Most products maintain up to 95% of their creatine for up to eight hours after being mixed with water. Most also retain up to 80% of their creatine after one full day, and effervescent products may last even longer. To get the most from your creatine, blend it just before taking it. But, for the sake of convenience, and if you don’t mind a small amount of waste, you can mix your creatine/protein combo before you head to the gym.

Here are easy options to get the most from your creatine supplement.

  1. Put your protein powder, glutamine and creatine into a shaker, but don’t add water until you’re ready to consume your drink. If you drink a pre- and a post-workout shake, then use two shakers, adding water just before you drink each.
  2. Mix your protein with water before going to the gym, but don’t add your creatine until right before consuming. Carry your creatine in a separate bottle in your gym bag, so you always have it with you.