Bison (16oz):                              Ostrich (16 oz):

                                      20g Protein                                   20g Protein

                                      146 Calories                                 165 Calories

                                      7g Fat                                           9g Fat

                                      Price: $9.29                                  Price: $12.99




This summer, break the monotony and broaden your dietary horizons with ground bison or ostrich—two meats that, despite tasting great and delivering massive amounts of protein and iron, tend to fall off the map for a lot of bodybuilders. Bison is slightly cheaper and has fewer calories than ostrich, but both are leaner than beef, which creates a nice middle ground in between beef and chicken. Also, you can find them at a variety of supermarkets and most butchers. Form the meat into patties and grill up some burgers, or cook it in a skillet and combine with a salad. Just remember that these meats tend to dry out when cooked too fast, so prepare them over a low flame to keep the juices and flavor inside.