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For hardcore lifters—including 3-time Men’s Physique Olympia Champion & Reigning Champion Jeremy Buendia and 17-time Olympia Winning Coach Hany Rambod, featured in the video above—few things are as rewarding as a monster muscle pump. To fully achieve the ultimate pump, it takes a desire to push through the pain and the ability to elevate nitric oxide levels when knocking out those last few reps.

Nitrosigine is a supplemental ingredient that has been shown in numerous clinical studies to have extensive NO-boosting capabilities, with both short- and long-term anabolic benefits.

But the proof is in the pump, and Nitrosigine is shown to boost muscle pump and increase muscle volume.1 In a clinical study, Nitrosigine elevated blood arginine levels for up to six hours2, which means a greater NO release long after your training session is over. It was even shown to increase energy levels both immediately and over time.

Jeremy Buendia

So what makes Nitrosigine so effective for building monster pumps? We break it down with some simple facts you should know about this potent ingredient.

6 things you should know about Nitrosigine

1) Power up: Boosts nitric oxide levels

Nitrosigine can help you take your workouts and training to the next level, as it plays a critical role in boosting key factors for increasing blood flow during exercise.1 This function is critical during resistance and endurance training because it allows oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to working muscles. Enhanced blood flow is important both intra-workout and post-workout as it has been shown to help with muscle growth and recovery. In a clinical study, Nitrosigine significantly increased nitric oxide levels—a key factor in generating greater blood flow and vasodilation in working muscles.3

2) Time optimized: Engineered to last up to six hours

The results begin long before those tough sessions in the weight room and on the field. Nitrosigine is the advanced ingredient that begins working in as little as 15 minutes, giving you the competitive edge you need.4 It is also clinically shown to increase blood arginine levels for up to six hours.2 Arginine HCl, in comparison, enhanced blood arginine levels for only one hour.2 Nitrosigine is the fast-acting and long- lasting ingredient you deserve.

3) Start strong: Increases energy levels safely within 15 minutes

The key to any great workout, training session, or competition is the ability to start strong, finish stronger, and take your game to the next level. Nitrosigine is a stimulant-free pre-workout ingredient that starts to increase energy levels in a single dose, and continues to show significant increases in energy over time.1 No matter the obstacle, whether it be the last rep or the final mile, Nitrosigine can help fuel your muscles.

4) Boost muscle pump: Increases vasodilation versus baseline

Muscle pump is essential to muscle growth. Blood is essential in delivering oxygen and nutrients to working muscles, while removing waste products. Muscle pumps allow for the muscles to stretch, and a greater number of capillaries to form. Therefore, the muscles will expand and increase in size over time. Nitrosigine boosts muscle pumps and increases muscle volume.1 Let Nitrosigine fuel your muscle pumps, enhance your workouts, and deliver you results. Unleash the flex, feel the pump.

5) Get in the zone: Increases mental acuity and focus without the use of stimulants

The driver behind any effective workout starts with focus. Focus is essential in reaching that next step and breaking through physical barriers. As any great athlete will tell you, the last few reps of a workout or the last few minutes of a game are all based upon will and attention to detail. After a single dose, Nitrosigine is clinically shown to significantly increase mental acuity and focus within 15 minutes by 33%.1 Nitrosigine’s impact on mental acuity continues to build with use over time, and that will help you to achieve and surpass your personal goals in fitness and health.

6) Stay in the game: Reduces muscle damage from exercise

Recovery can start before you even walk in the gym with the help of Nitrosigine. You can prepare your muscles for the hard work you’re about to put in. Nitrosigine has been shown to significantly reduce markers of muscle damage from exercise such as creatine kinase. Clinical research showed that Nitrosigine reduced creatine kinase levels after exercise by 56%.1 Nitrosigine’s impact on muscle damage due to exercise can help you get back to the gym and stay in the game.

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