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6 Things You Should Know About CarnoSyn


Push back the burn. Build strength. Do another rep. Extend endurance. Go another round. Recover faster. Do we have your attention? Good.

Dr. Roger Harris, an exercise biochemistry research pioneer who decades ago changed the sporting world with groundbreaking research and inventions involving creatine, also discovered the benefits of using beta-alanine as a human dietary supplement to support an increase in muscle carnosine and athletic performance. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine was born – the only patented, clinically proven, highly bioavailable beta-alanine to deliver fast, effective and safe results.

How CarnoSyn® Works.

Build a Better Muscle in 4 Ways

As the name suggests, CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is important for carnosine synthesis. Beta-alanine is an amino acid that binds with another amino acid, histidine, to form carnosine in muscle. Elevated muscle carnosine levels positively transform muscles in four ways:

1. Extends endurance*

Carnosine in the body can act as a buffering agent to combat the buildup of lactic acid which leads to improved endurance and reduced muscle fatigue. Boost your metabolic workouts, decrease the amount of rest needed between sets and increase overall workout intensity and calorie burn. Go another round.

2. Speeds muscle recovery*

The same buffering capacity that reduces muscle fatigue also helps speed muscle recovery. You’ll be back at it sooner.

3. Builds muscle strength*

Carnosine helps keep muscles contracting stronger for longer, to build muscle strength. Do another rep.

4. Enhances peak performance capabilities*

By increasing muscle strength, speeding muscle recovery, and extending endurance, carnosine optimizes high-intensity exercise and training sessions, so you can really push your limits. The results of these sessions can enhance both your everyday and competitive performance.

Look for CarnoSyn® in Your Supplement.

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Beta-Alanine Through Diet?

Studies have shown that enough histidine is naturally present within the body to form muscle carnosine. The true limiting factor in positively impacting muscle-carnosine synthesis is beta-alanine. Eating meat and fish provides an important source of beta-alanine and can double the amount of carnosine in muscle, but it is nearly impossible to consume enough protein or meat to achieve high levels of carnosine through diet alone. Fortunately, supplementing with CarnoSyn® beta-alanine daily will increase carnosine in your muscles to optimize every workout.

Better Beta. Better Results.

A decade of research on CarnoSyn® beta-alanine has demonstrated that CarnoSyn® gives athletes of all kinds an almost unfair (yet clean and legal) competitive advantage. Researchers tested sprinters, cyclists, football players, high intensity interval training (HIIT) athletes and professional rowers. CarnoSyn®’s ability to increase the body’s muscle carnosine reserves resulted in a considerable range of clinically proven athletic advantages.

For Anyone Who Feels the Burn.

Who can benefit from CarnoSyn® beta-alanine? Lactic acid can build up as a result of many activities, from climbing the stairs at work to high-intensity exercises. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is no longer just for athletes or bodybuilders. It is for anybody who feels the burn. CarnoSyn® beta-alanine supplementation can benefit all active adults by decreasing the discomfort of muscle burn associated with the buildup of lactic acid and delaying muscle fatigue.* Whether you need a quick burst of power, sustained muscle exertion, or both, CarnoSyn® can help improve your performance.

Stacking and Dosing.

CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is a fundamental ingredient in workout mixes, particularly pre-workouts, and is also found in many intra- and post-workouts. Ongoing studies continue to show its other benefits and the possible synergistic effects of CarnoSyn® when stacked with other ingredients, such as BCAAs, creatine and protein.

Numerous studies performed around the world using CarnoSyn® beta-alanine have demonstrated that the increase in muscle carnosine is dose dependent. Further, the benefits as outlined in this article are derived from studies which provided daily doses of CarnoSyn® beta-alanine anywhere from 3.2g to 6.4g/day, with the latest research showing maximum results at daily doses of 6.4g. Be sure you’re supplementing with an efficacious dosage to ensure you’re getting the most out of your supplement regimen and reaching the proven performance-boosting benefits of CarnoSyn®.

Look for CarnoSyn® in Your Supplement.

Wondering where you can find CarnoSyn®? Click HERE to learn more about some of the muscle-pumping supps putting CarnoSyn® to good use.

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Look for CarnoSyn® in Your Supplement.

Wondering where you can find CarnoSyn®? Click HERE to learn more about some of the muscle-pumping supps putting CarnoSyn® to good use.

Amino acids are not all created equal. CarnoSyn®’s growing patent portfolio of over 24 patents globally ensures that advancements in the use of CarnoSyn® for sports nutrition and active nutrition will continue to meet the evolving performance needs of today’s athletes and benefit consumers around the world.

When you choose CarnoSyn® beta-alanine, you can be sure of:

  • Proven performance. You’re getting a patented beta-alanine with proven performance results.
  • 4 ways to build a better muscle.
  1. Extend endurance*
  2. Speed muscle recovery*
  3. Build muscle strength*
  4. Enhance peak performance capabilities*
  • Safety and quality. CarnoSyn® has passed rigorous safety and quality requirements and contains zero banned substances.
  • Scientific studies. CarnoSyn® is backed by over 55 published, peer-reviewed clinical studies.


Build a Better Muscle™.

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