BOCA RATON, Fla.Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Twinlab announces the launch of their REAAL™ original essential amino acid muscle multiplier formulas, which are 32 times more efficient than BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and 3 times more efficient than Whey Protein Isolate at building and restoring lean muscle demonstrated by measurement of protein synthesis. It will make its public debut at The Arnold Sports Festival March 1 and Expo West trade show starting March 8.

REAAL represents the next generation of nutritional supplementation to support optimal muscle growth, rendering BCAA-only formulas and other amino acid formulas obsolete. REAAL is a patented EAA (Essential Amino Acid) technology based on 40 years of research and 24 clinical trials. REAAL includes carefully calibrated ratios of nine essential amino acids discovered to be most effective at providing sustenance for muscle growth and restoration.

We are leading pioneers of the sports nutrition industry, as our very first product 50 years ago was amino based,” says Twinlab CEO Naomi Whittel. “Today, with the breakthrough REAAL9 EAA technology featured in our new products, we set about to reinvent a category that has grown stale and is lacking in true innovation, often relying on hype versus substance. Truth in nutrition has always been the Twinlab way, so when we spotted this opportunity to positively affect millions of lives, we seized upon it and secured global exclusivity.”

“This technology is a watershed moment and the most significant scientific nutritional advancement in the synthesis and retention of muscle in decades. Its beginnings are grounded in science focusing on persons most in need of muscle growth and restoration but the applications of those findings are for all people,” remarked Twinlab’s Chief Science Officer Greg Grochoski.  “REAAL provides the precise ratio of all of the essential amino acids to optimize the growth and conservation of healthy muscle. We all depend on muscle to support the health and function of our organs and nearly every physiological process in our bodies. This patented technology has the potential to help virtually everyone of any age to live a stronger and healthier quality of life.”

In my 20 years in Sports Nutrition, I’ve never seen anything like it.  The technology in our REAAL products is the result of almost unprecedented research:  40 years of study and 24 clinical trials, which led to creating the perfect ratio of essential amino acids for optimal muscle recovery and growth,” says Brent Baker, President, Twinlab Sports Nutrition. “After years of research, sometimes in the most extreme conditions, from rehabilitation patients, to the elderly, to NASA astronauts, the perfect EAA ratio was discovered.”

 REAAL™ Features:

– US PATENT #9,364,463 B2 based on the invention by Dr. Robert Wolfe and Dr. Arny Ferrando
– Clinically demonstrated superior to build and restore muscle
– 32X more effective than BCAAs and 3X more effective than whey protein
– Supported by 24 human clinical studies with $20 million of research over 40 years.
– Faster absorption rate and more complete bioavailability as compared to typical dietary protein
– Only 20 calories per serving
– Concentrated ‘bloat free’ formula
– Vegan and Gluten Free
– Kosher and Halal 
– Lactose-free
– Lower in sodium, carbs and calories compared to most proteins
– Dye/colorant-free
– Caffeine-free
– Stimulant-free

REAAL is currently available in three delicious flavors (Kona Dragon Fruit, Brazilian Berry, Fuji Grape) and a vegan capsule. 

Twinlab’s design agency (Andon Guenther Design, LLC) received a GDUSA 2018 American Package Design Award for REAAL™ Essential Amino Acids for Brand Identity design.

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