When you consider trying a new nutritional supplement, two thoughts always come to mind: How does it taste? And is it safe? Just-launched supp line Performance Inspired answers those questions with a resounding “Great!” and “Yes!”—and company co-founder Mark Wahlberg is so confident it’s true, he’s staking his reputation on it.

“People know I wouldn’t endorse a product if it weren’t part of my lifestyle,” he says. “That’s why I’d never be involved with a vodka brand: Even if it were a chance to make a lot of money, I wouldn’t do it, because it’s not who I am. Indeed, as an action star who’s transformed his body for roles many times over, Wahlberg’s long known the benefits of protein. But he’s never taken just anything.]

“I’ve always been adamant about going natural,” he says. “This product is all-natural, with nothing to cause a bad reaction. Even student athletes can take it; you never have to worry.” Fine, it’s not dangerous. But will we like it? “We spent 10 months working just on taste,” says Wahlberg, who recognizes that if people don’t enjoy the flavor, they won’t come back for seconds.

But the Performance Inspired line (which includes a kickass pre-workout powder, too) is so good, he says, buyers are sure to like it as much as he and even his kids do. Wahlberg’s also hoping to help more than just supp fans with the product: Two percent of all Performance Inspired profits are slated to go to charity. See below for product details; and for more info, go to performanceinspirednutrition.com.


Inspired Performances

What’s in two of the new Performance Inspired proteins on the shelf? See for yourself.

Performance Whey Protein

Packing the same protein content (25g) as its Ripped brother, Performance Whey Protein also includes 5g of fiber to give it a more stomach-filling, digestion-easing effect. $34

Ripped Whey Protein

Ripped Whey Protein: Contains 25g of whey plus thermogenic compounds (including caffeine from green tea) that promote fat burning. There’s also an enzyme blend to encourage digestion for max absorption. $50