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Whether you’re training to get bigger or stronger, a power formula that’s designed to boost testosterone levels within the normal healthy range is a must. For men, testosterone is a critical component of muscle, strength, and vitality. This makes a testosterone support supplement vital for athletes who are training hard both in and out of the gym.

It's important to note however, that not all testosterone supplements are created equal. Many simply don’t have the correct, researched dosages of the key ingredients used, or worse, they hide their ingredients in proprietary blends. Researchers at the MuscleTech® have invested countless hours reviewing testosterone-boosting research and have created their ultimate premium testosterone male vitality formula: VITALIGENIXT10™ – the most advanced 10-hour testosterone male vitality formula ever!


VITALIGENIXT10 is a new, one-of-a-kind formula for active men that delivers a scientifically validated increase in bioavailable testosterone in just 10 hours!

No other liquid plasma cap available on the market supplies the premium and scientifically studied testosterone-boosting ingredients that VITALIGENIXT10 does. Designed for active males, VITALIGENIXT10 paves the way, adhering to the quality standards of MuscleTech, combining key ingredients that are backed by multiple scientific studies. The result is a unique, highly potent product that quickly raises testosterone levels for real, same day results.


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