I'm into the meat of the prep now and things are a little slower now. It’s almost like most of the fat is gone but it’s too soon to take it all off, so we wait. It has to be done and although it sounds like a nice thing, those of you who have competed before know that the waiting game can be the hardest part. Most people think the hard part is getting up and blasting cardio seven days a week or eating bland, shitty food, but that’s not the case. For most competitive bodybuilders the hard part is not being able to make gains.

As I sit here typing my weight is still sitting at a lean 270lbs, it’s almost like a car sitting at a stop light revving its engine waiting to go. I can feel my body primed to go to the extreme level it has to go to for the win. After 12 years of competing I just know the feeling, I think after two years of working with me Hany knows it too. He is keeping my body at bay and at this point where one small change in the diet or cardio could get me even drier or in better condition. It’s definitely comforting knowing at any moment we could drop the hammer and in a few weeks I could hit the stage. I know for Hany it’s not as comforting though; dropping too fast is just as bad as not dropping at all. On the business side of things I have decided to start training people in the gym. It wasn't something I really wanted to get into but I do a lot of online coaching and realized that I need to see how these people are training in the gym. Obviously I can't do this for all my clients since some are very far away but the ones around Toronto, Ontario or Windsor, Ontario do have that option. I have also finally gotten to work on a portion of my clothing line that should be done by the New Year, free for all clients and will be available for fans! For more info check out fouadhossabiad.com!

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It’s too close to the show to be pounding back lbs of food so you can keep growing and it’s too far from the show to stay on the stepmill for more than 35min a day. So what do I do to keep myself mentally stable you ask? Other than shop for stuff online, I do all the extras. I do the stuff most guys don't like to do: I do the therapy, the stretching, and the posing. I invest more time into my visualization of the show and learning about how I can make my mind stronger entering such a big show. When your goal is to beat a former Mr.O there is nothing that you should stop short at when thinking you can beat him. Everyday I go through in my mind the battle between me and Dexter. It may sound ludicrous to some of you for me to think that but without that thought being played out in my mind there is no way I can be ready for it on Feb.19th when it happens. I am preparing in every way possible: Conditioning, physically and mentally. I will be prepared and that’s the name of the game! Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad