A new week begins on a killer note! Great back workout with Charles on Sunday, then a great chest workout on Monday. Loved these two workouts for the completely new feel they allowed me to experience in my working muscles. We tried some new angles and manipulated arm position to something I had never tried before. It felt like a whole new type of stimulus for the muscle. Check out the videos on FLEXONLINE.com in coming weeks! I saw a pretty significant drop in weight this week, about 4lbs. Having done really nothing different this week than the last, I attribute it to a little bit of water loss and some fat loss from the metabolism starting to really kick!

 I did some posing for Charles today after the workout and he seems pleasantly surprised with the changes we have made and very optimistic about the package I will bring to the stage this spring! I’m writing this blog from the crowded confines of LAX airport. The holiday travel season is upon us and I have the pleasure of enduring the 11pm “red eye” departure time. I forgot the joys of traveling when dieting for a contest. Its uncomfortable enough traveling as a 300+lb bodybuilder, but try having to carry 10lbs of food, as well as laptop and personal belongings on a tiny crowded airplane for a 5 hour flight. For some reason, the gross greasy food in airports always seems way more appealing than it does when you drive past it on the streets. It’s kind of like road trips and the assumed stops at fast food joints. Ben_Charles.jpg

Its almost like my brain is programmed to expect to indulge in some grease as soon as you step in an airport or sit in a car for a long road trip. This is honestly probably the only time I think about junk food – I’m not a big junk guy anymore. Don’t worry Hany; I’ve got my chicken boobs, cold tilapia and broccoli ready to be devoured! Anyway, I hear a nap calling my name. At least I’ve got all my bags to keep me warm and comfortable. Got to get my rest. Straight to the gym for cardio when I land in TO! Enjoy every step of the journey. There is no such thing as achieving the goal. Once you get there, there is only….what’s next?! FOCUS, GROW! Ben