Toronto mens assessment

Although there were only 11 competitors in the men’s open, a strong top 3 emerged in the first callouts: Jon Delarosa, Bill Wilmore and Vaughn Etienne.

Delarosa brought conditioning similar to the NY Pro 2 weeks ago with striated glutes and dry hamstrings.

Ettienne’s back looked amazing along with his strong legs.

Wilmore brought the best package of the 3, sporting a shredded and dry serratus.

Rounding out the top 5 were Canadian Chris White and American Grigori Atoyan. Atoyan has a low body that overpowers his upper body. Chris White brought a more balanced package, with incredible legs and a nice V taper.

This should be a clear victory for Wilmore tomorrow night, with Delarosa more than likely coming in second and Ettienne in third.

The surprise (and disappointment) of the night was Seth Feroce placing out of the top 5. Though he grew a lot as he moved from the 202 to Open, Seth was holding way too much water.