Hany Rambod on Kuclo, Feroce, and Phil Heath

We caught up with Hany at the 2012 Pittsburgh Pro and talked about Evogen, his new products, Seth Feroce, Steve Kuclo andof course Mr Olympia Phil Heath


I caught up with Hany Rambod at the 2012 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro in front of his Evogen booth. If you look around, Evogen products are showing up everywhere. It's only a matter of time until folks start picking it up by the handful.

Putting on his guru hat, Hany and I talked about Steve Kuclo, his improvements and with all that said, Steve Kuclo is only 26 years old and is growing into a physique that could dominate. As for Seth Feroce, there's non too many athletes that are as dedicated as Seth. Hany refers to Seth as a mini Branch Warren.

Last but not least, take a listen to what Hany Rambod has in store for Mr Olympia, Phil Heath.