Legends of the Olympia

Meet olympians toronto

For the first time ever in bodybuilding history four Legends of the Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and Phil Heath will be in attendance together at the Toronto Pro SuperShow EXPO meeting fans and signing autographs.  If you are a fan of bodybuilding you don’t want to miss this exclusive engagement on Sunday June 3rd!


History on the Legends:

Ronnie Coleman: Former football player and police officer, 8 x Mr. Olympia, and record holder for most wins as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder (26), Ronnie Coleman, also known as "Big Ron", turned Pro in 1991 at the World Amateur Championships and competed until 2007. Ronnie Coleman to this day, remains one of the most recognized bodybuilders and name in the sport.












Phil Heath: The current Mr. Olympia Phil 'The Gift' Heath was a varsity basketball player, who turned to bodybuilding in 2002. He has quickly has become one of the best IFBB Pro bodybuilders since earning his Pro status in 2005. He has moved up quite quickly in the sport, and made an impression in the industry in 2008, when he placed 3rd in his rookie debut at Mr. Olympia; he was the first rookie to ever do so. Phil Heath has taken many of the skills and training from his days as a basketball player, and the advice and guidance from his mentor, teacher, and best friend fellow IFFB Pro Jay Cutler, with him on his journey to become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.










Jay Cutler: 4 x Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler is known as one of the most recognized and personable bodybuilders to date.  He has several clothing and bodybuilding apparel lines that he either endorses and supports and is sponsored by one of the biggest brands in the industry.  2003 was declared by many industry writers as "the year of Cutler", as Jay competed in 8 different shows. Jay Cutler is also mentor, teacher and best friend to fellow IFBB Pro and Mr. Olympia winner, Phil Heath. 











Dexter Jackson: Dexter 'The Blade' Jackson won the Mr. Olympia title in 2008. As a child Dexter was a 4th-degree black belt, break dancer and a Gymnast. He first started competing professionally in 1999, since then he has won 15 professional titles include the Arnold Classic 3 times.