July 13, 2011


This past Monday, the boys at PBW delivered an early wake-up call to bodybuilding fans with a special “10 Weeks till the O” broadcast. With the biggest night of the year lurking around the corner, its never too early for a “pre-preview”. With Jay Cutler looking to fend off a furious charge from the likes of Phil Heath, Branch Warren, Kai Greene and company, its looking like the 2011 installment of Joe Weider’s crowned jewel will be one for the ages. “We get to cover a lot of great events throughout the year, but there is nothing quite like the Olympia.” says host Dan Solomon. “From a pure historical perspective, the sport of professional bodybuilding is defined by what happens on the Olympia stage. The stakes are at there absolute highest.”

Solomon was joined on Mondays show by a couple guys who know a thing or two about Olympia preparations, including Chad Nicholls, the man credited for helping Ronnie Coleman make history, and Hany Rambod, the popular FST-7 guru currently overseeing the contest prep for both Cutler and Phil Heath. During the broadcast, the two gurus opined on the strategy of the top contenders. At one point in the discussion, Solomon pressed Rambod for his opinion as to whether he felt Cutler was preparing for his final contest. Rambod responded, “You’re gonna have to ask that question to Jay. He’s gonna be the the one and only decision maker as to when its gonna be his last show.”

Well, if this is the Champ’s final show, you’d better start making plans to be there. Olympia tickets are going fast. Visit www.MrOlympia.com and be sure to catch the replay of the special “10 Weeks till the O” broadcast right now at www.BodybuildingRadio.com . “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” is once again the official radio show of the 2011 Mr. Olympia.

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