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Troy Alves and Richard Jones have a lot in common. Both grew up on the East Coast before moving to western states. Both earned pro cards at the USA Championships. Alves won the heavyweight class in 2002, and Jones took the light-heavy and overall titles the following year. And both sported similar physiques. They were nearly the same height with classically aesthetic upper bodies and lagging legs.

Their one tremendous disparity was in their respective pro careers. Jones, who debuted at 30, competed only twice in the open class and once in the 202 (now 212). In sharp contrast, Alves entered 13 times as many pro shows. Debuting at 36, he did nine contests in that rookie year alone, and he hung up his trunks only three years ago at nearly 47. There are murmurs that Jones, now 42, may make another comeback. All of Alves’ four pro titles were won at 42 or over. How many titles would Jones have if he’d never stopped competing?


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