They seem more myth than man. And yet they’re made of esh— mounds of it—and every September at the Orleans Arena at least one of them can be viewed in his natural habitat, firing off ferocious shots, often with a beastly growl. They are bodybuilding’s ultimate mass monsters. Their sightings are so rare that it’s unlikely to witness two of them battling, even at the Mr. Olympia, just as the memory of King Kong was fading when Godzilla rampaged. Markus Rühl was yesterday’s King Kong. Roelly Winklaar is today’s Godzilla. Because Rühl’s last pro year, 2010, was Winklaar’s first, their paths never crossed— until now. If you prefer classic physiques, quick, click on another article! Everyone else, prepare to be terrified as two of the ultimate mass monsters collide, somewhere on Skull Island.


as of March 2018

  • PRO WINS: Winklaar: 8 VS. Rühl: 2
  • YEARS AS PRO: Winklaar: 8 VS. Rühl: 13
  • PRO CONTESTS: Winklaar: 46 VS. Rühl: 32
  • WEIGHT: Winklaar: 265 VS. Rühl: 280
  • HEIGHT: Winklaar: 5’8″ VS. Rühl: 5’10”
  • BEST POSE: Winklaar: Side Chest VS. Rühl: Most Muscular
  • WORST POST: Winklaar: Rear Double Biceps VS. Rühl: Side Triceps
  • STRENGTHS: Winklaar: Arms, Delts, Quads VS. Rühl: Shoulders, Chest, Back
  • WEAKNESSES: Winklaar: Conditioning, Back VS. Rühl: Triceps, Wide Hips