Its 6:30am and this morning my flight is leaving for LA. Its been a long 16 weeks and Hany and I have worked very hard on this one, I have to give him credit where its due: I have never seen a trainer work as hard as he does. The guy calls me twice, sometimes three times a day to make sure I'm doing everything right and to check on weight, pictures and make changes. I have never sent so many pics in my life…lol.

The journey is the fun part though; a lot of people get caught up in trying to reach the end and just wanting to see the next goal come to fruition without actually stopping to see what they are doing day to day. I’ve been cooking 3lbs a fish a day, eating up to 9 meals a day some days, and had plenty of the nights like tonight where there is so much excitement and pent up energy (and starvation) I can't sleep.

Everyone always asks me, "are you excited about the show?" I think to myself, I'm excited about my next meal, my next training session. I'm excited to pack all my stuff and fly to LA for work….that’s my job! The journey is the satisfying part, getting into the gym every morning at 8-9am and burning through cardio and destroying abs, the feeling isn't comparable to anything else.

At the end of it all comes the bonus; I get to stand proudly with the best in the world and display and compete to show what I’ve done with youry time off, like an artist who just kept painting the same painting over and over again until it was finally perfect. I know many of you know how I feel, but not all of you realize that the journey in painting that masterpiece is the most enjoyable part and the part. You should stop to realize what you are doing while you’re doing it. You know I spoke to Hany last night and we start carb loading today, so we were going over some of the game plan.

The one thing he said to me was we both killed ourselves getting ready for this prep and now it’s time to go out there and have some fun. I am about to prepare my food for the day of travel ahead of me and couldn't agree with him more. Usually there is a sense of stress that has filled my body and mind as I get closer to something like this and I'm not going to sit here and lie; there have been some anxious moments but never like before.

Today and for the next three days I will be calm and cool knowing that I did everything in my power to bring the best package I could to the stage on Feb.19th. I have never worked this hard and I am excited instead of scared to see the finished product. I drove countless hours back and forth to see my therapist Alvin Brown and to see my other therapist Dave Cowie. I have put my girlfriend through hell and my training partners have been there every step of the way to see me through this. I am ready, there is nothing more to do except enjoy life and watch it unfold.

The one thing I always tell my girlfriend and this goes with her work usually the same as mine, "there is no way a person can work this hard and the universe can ignore them, at some point in your life the universe will reward you for all the giving you are doing. It’s just a matter of time; do you have the patience to keep pushing until that reward comes?” Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad