Just when you thought you knew Kai Greene! One of the bodybuilding world’s least conventional personalities took a 30 minute break from his Olympia prep and stopped in for a visit with Dan and the crew over at “Pro Bodybuilding Weekly” this week. Joined by co-hosts Chad Nicholls and Lee Thompson, Kai delivered a level of confidence and insight that we don’t usually see from the 2-time Arnold champ. At one point in the interview, Dan pressed him to provide some insight into how his physique may differ from the one we’ve seen in his prior outtings. The answer just might surprise you. Tune in as PBW continues its expanded “Olympia Preview Series” with an inside look at the big event. This weeks broadcast also spends a few minutes remembering Luke Wood, the 35 year-old Australian IFBB Pro who tragically passed away suddenly last week following a series of medical complications.

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