IFBB pros pick who will be the AFC and NFC champs

By Zack Zeigler

January 19, 2010


Forget the spread. Forget what the newspapers, TV and radio are saying. Everyone knows if you want the real deal (no offense to Chris Cormier) on this weekend’s NFL championship games, you come to flexonline.com.

We asked Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson and Dennis James who they felt were going to win this Sunday. For those who don’t watch football (and you should be ashamed of yourselves), here’s the breakdown:

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints

We asked for some reasons as to why these pros picked certain teams, but just as magicians refuse to reveal how they perform their illusions (shout out to G.O.B. Bluth from Arrested Development), two of the three refused to give us a why.

“Colts over Jets, 34-24. Too much firepower for the Jets. Two DE’s that are amongst the best in football. I’m also going with the Saints over the Vikings, 41-38. The Saints have it all when they’re on and have the ability to expose Vikings defense. I want New Orleans to win because their fans have been so resilient through Katrina. I do love Brett Favre and Adrian ‘AD aka All Day’ Peterson though.”

“Jets lose to the Colts, 10-27, and the Vikings lose to the Saints, 13-28. Don’t ask me why, but this is how I see the outcome.”

“All I can say is that the Colts and Vikings will meet in Super Bowl XLIV.”