Terry Placker Shoulder Workout by Jennifer Worth

Terry Placker is an active duty US Marine on the hunt for a pro card in the Men Physique Division. IFBB Pro Jennifer Worth is then taking him through an intense workout to achieve that goal.


IFBB Pro Jennifer Worth takes NPC Amateur competitor Terry Placker through an intense shoulder workout at Gold's Gym, Venice.

Terry is preparing for the 2013 NPC Junior National Championships and is to compete in the men physique division. Stacked as this division has become, physique competitors have to up their game in the gym and their diet.

Placker recruited the help and guidance of IFBB Pro Jennifer Worth. A former Olympia Fitness Champion, Worth takes Placker through a seriously intense shoulder workout. Her emphasis is on slow deliberate movements in order to hit the muscles properly for full growth potential.

High repetitions is the name of the game. As Placker states, after he thinks he's done with the set, Jenny makes him crank out another twenty.

Video filmed and edited by Bill Comstock