September 28, 2011

Today it was announced by bikini competitor Ingrid Romero that she would be returning to the IFBB/NPC after deciding earlier in the year to compete with the WBFF. Romero won the overall in the bikini division at the 2011 IFBB Arnold Amateur, but soon decided to leave the IFBB for what she thought to be greener pastures. Here’s what Romero had to say about her return to the IFBB/NPC:

“After winning the Arnold Classic, I was approached by Paul Dillett the CEO of the WBFF. In his attempt to recruit me, he promised me a six figure contract with a supplement company, the cover of several prominent magazines, a part in a reality TV show with top celebrities and much more. At the time, I had only been in this industry for 6 months and I was extremely naïve. Being offered all the promises, I thought that this was the answer to all my financial struggles, but little did I know I was making the biggest mistake of my young career. I soon realized that Paul Dillett and the WBFF sell dreams to athletes to get them to join his organization, but once they join they do not follow up on ANY of their promises. I wanted to go public with this to let other athletes know who are in the same position I was, that the WBFF is not the answer. Paul Dilett misleads people and takes advantage of naïve people who do not know the industry.”

“I want to make a formal apology to the NPC for my mistake and to anyone who may have been offended by my actions. I also would like to give a sincere thank you to the NPC for giving me the opportunity to get my career launched as a bikini athlete. I am truly sorry for my poor decision making and I can only hope to eventually being accepted back into this organization.”

In similar news, WBFF Fitness Model pro David Kimmerle has resigned his pro card with that organization and will begin competing in the NPC Men’s Physique division. Kimmerle stated: “I am giving back my pro card to compete under your umbrella… There were some great athletes competing for the WBFF Fitness Model as it was the best stage around until you created one, which is why I stood on it.”