FLEX Magazine & MuscleMeds are proud to announce the winner of the 2013 TRAIN with KAI contest, Logan Keevan.

The FLEX staff reviewed thousands of entries and narrowed it down to six finalists.  Then MuscleMeds and IFBB Pro Kai Greene interviewed each finalist and selected Logan as the winner.

Mike Pulcinella, of MuscleMeds, explained, “The six Train with Kai finalists all deserved to win, but Kai and the MuscleMeds crew chose Logan because of his touching story, solid physique, awesome attitude and great potential.” 

2017 Olympia Classic Physique Call Out Report
Logan is only 18 years old and in just three years of training he’s built an impressive physique.  After hearing he beat out so many great contestants, the Wilton, CT resident told us:
"Kai is such a huge role model for me that when I first found out that I had won, I was speechless. I've dedicated so much of my life to trying to achieve my goals, and this opportunity is a validation of those efforts. I plan on using this experience to help motivate and guide myself into a future in bodybuilding."

So what was it that made Logan stand out?  His passion.  Take a look at his entry essay:

2017 Olympia Bikini Call Out Report
After getting a TBI (traumatic brain injury) from football in the beginning of my sophomore year I was told that I would never be able to compete in contact sports ever again. I was out of school for that entire year as a result. I had always been big into weight lifting and having the TBI meant that I couldn't do any form of exercise for 6 months. As soon as I was cleared by my doctor I researched how to build muscle and I found bodybuilding. Since that moment my life was never the same. That entire year I followed an online diet that I found in attempt to get "big", however this diet was over filled with carbs and I wound up getting too big (fat). After meeting my nutritionist at my local gym I got in really good shape. I have been eating 6-8 meals every day for the past 3 years in order to follow my now dream to become a professional bodybuilder. My aspirations for college are to get a double major in dietetics and exercise sciences. To be able to workout with Kai Greene would mean the world to me. Even just to meet such an inspirational person who has had such a great influence on my life would be a true honor. 

MuscleMeds & FLEX will be teaming up to film the workout and feature Logan & Kai in an upcoming issue of FLEX Magazine.  Check back right here to FLEXonline for the video!

And when we asked Logan what he’d like to TRAIN with KAI, he replied: “LEGS!